From Bahia (Brazil) to Rockingham (Australia), from Thann (France) to Botlek (Netherlands) to Hamilton (USA) and across all countries in which the Company operates, the Tronox team is comprised of 7,000 professionals who work together to meet the chemical industry’s demand for titanium-pigment chain products.

As scientists, engineers, technicians, operators and hundreds of other professionals, we are working responsibly to enable people to lead better lives by putting high-quality products and science-based solutions at their disposal.

Tronox believes that being a value-creating company starts with showing respect for our team. Therefore, company policy is to ensure that our average pay constantly tracks market trends and we take part in surveys to identify trends and prepare for them.

In addition, the company offers financial incentives in line with industry practices. Benefits include profit sharing, private pension, school fees, health plan and dental care.

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