SIPAT 2015: focus on safety and humanism

Social consciousness and solidarity, a fiercely contested CIPA Game, people becoming more aware of the factory’s safety rules and a winning team. All of these and more are expected from our Internal Occupational Accident Prevention Week (SIPAT) from October 19 to 23, Cristal Bahia.

According to the secretary of the Internal Accident Prevention Commission (CIPA), Joelma Santos, the proposal for this 36th SIPAT event focuses on empowering people through shared knowledge and social consciousness and solidarity. “We will add a more modern and humanized format for the event. We want to work on ‘giving’, even if there is nothing to take. Alongside this, we will be investing in activities that exploit technological resources. We are preparing to make a mark on people’s lives in different ways”, he explains.

Groups engaged in studying factory safety standards may prepare for the CIPA Game rules to be posted on the intranet by the end of September, as well as an announcement asking rules to be reviewed for the question and answer game. All eight Security Committees should also be sure to choose their two representatives, who will be ahead of the competition.

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