Setting an Example

Over the years in which it has been developed, the environmental program has been showing its staying power and fulfilling its promise of investing in young people, which is renewed every day. In May, local resident Juarez Dantas called our Environmental team to rescue a sloth and ensure it was appropriately treated.

In an interview for Cristal Magazine, Juarez Dantas explained that he found the animal on a road and took it home, where his relatives worried about keeping it there, especially his daughter Raquel Dantas, who had visited the environmental program. She told her father to call Cristal in order to safely return the animal to nature with the necessary follow-up arrangements. “It was the first time I had seen a sloth, because I had only seen them on television. The animal is docile and quiet. I liked the idea of rescuing it and giving it to the mine to ensure it would be released properly,” Juarez explained.

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