Altered business name and Cristal Mineração registration data

As of October 1, 2016, after an absorption process, Cristal’s mine in Brazil trades as Cristal Pigmentos do Brasil S.A. instead of Cristal Mineração do Brasil Ltda, which no longer exists.

The alteration reflects the mining company’s absorption by Cristal Pigmentos do Brasil S.A. in order to streamline the corporate structure. This means the company will gain from synergy across operational and administrative activities, since operations and procedures that previously had to be processed in each of the companies can now be tackled by the same team. Joining processes into one will enhance quality management for people and procedures.

In practical terms, Cristal Mineração do Brasil Ltda has been fully absorbed by Cristal Pigmentos do Brasil S.A., which will succeed it in all its rights and obligations. The mining unit will continue to develop the same activities, but will now being doing so as a branch rather than a subsidiary.

For brand communication purposes in the market, and solely for this reason, the “Cristal Mineração” trading name is being used for the mining unit.

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