Open Door Program

Our Open-Door program was set up to strengthen the company’s relationship with the community through scheduled visits to the Bahia plant and the Paraíba mine. Groups of university students and professors, from technological courses, public and private schools, as well as participants in social projects, local residents and various other groups visit the company and get to see the day-to-day work of a chemical plant or a sand mining operation.

In the mine, the Open-Door program has been ongoing since 1995 with a focus on environmental education. Most visiting groups consist of students, teachers, researchers, residents and employees’ families. These quarterly visits include the production, environmental and administrative areas, as well as talks on health, safety and the environment delivered by specialists from Tronox. This gives visitors an opportunity to see the entire production process carried out at the mine and grasp the importance of their work for society.

The Bahia factory’s Open-Door program welcomes about 600 people every year. All visitors attend an institutional presentation showing the company in Bahia, Brazil and worldwide, titanium pigment and the social and sports projects it supports. The first part of the agenda also shows the company’s management model for health, safety and the environment.

The second part depends on the interests of visitor groups. There are technical presentations in which a professional briefly explains the titanium dioxide (TiO2) production process or another topic of the group’s interest, previously agreed when scheduling the visit.

The program is a rich experience for visitors who, in some cases, had never been in contact with an industrial operation. In addition to the presentations, a bus ride around the industrial area shows the group a previously unknown environment.

Join our Open-Door program! Ask a group of teachers, students, neighbors or others to come and visit us. The date may be scheduled by e-mail

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