Comunidade - Bahia

Comunidade - Bahia

Partnership with the Community

Tronox is proud to act as a partner for local communities around its plants in Bahia, Paraíba, the United States, France and elsewhere.

In Bahia, projects are focused towards Education and Amateur Sport, involving the communities surrounding the facility.

These initiatives foster social development and involve residents as active participants in each project.

Fisher Friend

This project was started in 2007 to directly benefit fishing and shellfish activities and indirectly help the entire community in Buraquinho, Busca Vida, Jauá and Arembepe. It helps improve fishing activities through courses, lectures and alternative activities to boost productivity. Measures focus on settlements known as Z-57 (based in Buraquinho) and Z-14 (Arembepe).

In Buraquinho, the project’s most important partnership has renovated internal and external areas of the settlement’s fisheries to improve sanitary conditions and occupational safety, as well as customer service.

The partnership with the Z-14 settlement was divided in two fronts. One engaged a firm to help fishermen from Jauá and Areias set up the Jauá, Areias and Pé de Areia Fishermen and Shellfishers Association. The other sponsored repairs for 13 fishing vessels on the state’s northern coast.

Reading Club

Since 2009, the Reading Club has been helping children and adolescents in the Areias, Jauá and Arembepe communities to develop reading and writing skills. Its aim is to educate literate citizens beyond the stage of just reading words by encouraging participants to interpret texts, compose critiques and express opinions.

Storytelling sessions allow boys and girls to delve into the world of reading and writing using theater, educative games and cultural visits and tours.

In addition, the initiative offers technical advice for educational institutions including studies, discussions and introducing reading practices in schools.

Dressmaking Cooperative

CoopAreias Sol Nascente is a cooperative set up by women from the community of Areias and its surrounding region. Over a period of 18 months, cooperators attended courses held in partnership with industrial training provider SESI, covering entrepreneurship, interpersonal relations, sewing and dressmaking, customer service, costing and pricing, logistics and other subjects required to professionalize the cooperative.

In addition to covering the costs of the course and strategic business planning, Cristal sponsored the purchase of premises to be refurbished for the cooperative’s headquarters and its machinery, furniture and accessories, working capital and raw material needed to fulfill the first orders. For three years the company supported the cooperative’s management and ensured that the group had all the support required to manage the business and make it self-sustaining.

Support for Sport

Owing to its firm belief in sport as a way of enhancing quality of life and contributing to the social environment as a whole, Tronox encourages, supports and sponsors several activities:

Road Runners Club – It all started when we sponsored fire brigade members from our Bahia factory to participate in a runners’ group as a way of keeping in shape. Over time, the practice of this sport has spread throughout the factory and now reaches about 60% of the workforce, both men and women, who participate in the running club.

Quality of Life program – This initiative provides nutrition, ergonomics, Pilates, RPG and stretching courses for factory and mine employees.

Capoeira – In a partnership with the Abolição capoeira group, 800 children and young people from Areias, Arembepe, Vila de Abrantes and Camaçari attend capoeira workshops. In addition to physical activity, participants are monitored by an instructor from Abolição who is in constant contact with educational institutions to help support academics and discipline.

Hapkido – Tronox’s Citizen Sport Project in partnership with Condomínio Parque Interlagos provides Hapkido classes for 120 children from the communities of Areia, Arembepe and Jauá, as well as children of housekeepers and residential security guards. Classes are taught by an instructor from the state of Bahia Hapkido Federation.

Soccer School – A total of 100 children from the region around the factory signed up for Areias Soccer School, which is 100% supported by our Bahia factory.


Doctors have emphasized the benefits of an active lifestyle in the third age, as well as balanced meals, as determining factors for health and peace of mind in the aging process.

In 2013, Tronox started a seniors’ project to encourage well-being and enhanced quality of life for people living in the factory’s surroundings.

Although the project was initially aimed to seniors, it currently serves participants aged 40 or more who are residents of the Areias community in Camaçari (BA). The group meets twice a week to practice activities such as:

aerobic exercises;

muscle strengthening;


exercises to improve the back, joints and upper limbs.

Specialists on health deliver lectures on topics, such as “healthy eating and prevention of blood pressure and obesity” and “prevention and screening.”

Their activities rely on advice and technical advice from Absolute Run.


Comunidade - Paraíba

Comunidade - Paraíba

Environmental Education Program

In 1996, Tronox’s environmental education program for the mine is held at its Environmental Research Base. Visitors follow ecological trails through native vegetation, tour a museum showing several species of local fauna and flora, and learn about environmental preservation. Some 9,500 students and 960 teachers have visited the mine’s environmental protection area.

Electromechanics Course

Our Guajú mine offers an Electromechanics course for its professionals in in the towns of Rio Tinto, Mamanguape and Mataraca. The objective is to provide technical and technological training and meet constant demand for reliable maintenance services. The course involves 1,500 hours of class time and is held in partnership with SENAI. The main benefit for participants is to become more competitive in the jobs market. Two classes have already graduated and total of 46 professionals have been certified.

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