Clean Up Program

The purpose of the Clean-Up Program for sustainable waste management, goes beyond recycling to foster environmental education and changing habits for employees and contractors. Its initiatives include talks on waste management (lower consumption, product life cycle analysis, proper separation, selective collection, treatment methods, waste reuse and recycling). Presentations explain internal control procedures and requirements under applicable law.

The initiative is an important means of educating employees and making them environmentally aware, including best practices for workplaces and elsewhere.

Programa Passe a Limpo

Programa Passe a Limpo


Our Clean-Up Program was designed to manage solid waste generated by the Brazilian factory and minimize waste produced at source by adjusting separation, packaging and storage, ensuring proper collection, transportation and pre-treatment to arrange appropriate final disposal.

The education process started when the program introduced working groups tasked with identifying and assessing the content of waste generated in the factory. This process involved several different sectors of the company.

The priorities for the plant’s current solid waste management control measures, in addition to not generating waste, are its reduction, reuse, recycling, treatment and environmentally appropriate final disposal, thus complying with Brazil’s Solid Waste Policy under Law 12305/10.

As part of the process for collecting recyclable waste internally, materials are sorted and compressed before forwarding to recycling companies. Hazardous waste is moved to an area for temporary storage of special residues and subsequently processed at companies licensed by the state environmental agency.


Our Guajú mine’s waste management program ensures environmentally correct disposal for 100% of the operation’s waste.

By placing specific collectors in waste generating areas, residues are separated and temporarily stored before routing to final disposal. Hazardous waste may be forwarded for reprocessing, incineration, co-processing or use as industrial landfill. Inert and non-inert non-hazardous wastes are reprocessed, reused and recycled.

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