Tronox Pigmentos do Brasil S.A. is headquartered in the United States and operates ten TiO2, two in the United States, one in England, one in France, one in Saudi Arabia, one in China, one in the Netherlands, two in Australia and one in Brazil.



Bahia plant

Tronox’s Brazilian factory is located around the 20-km marker on highway BA 099 (Estrada do Coco), Camaçari, near the locality of Arembepe. The site covers 837 hectares and it is Latin America’s only factory to have a full pigment-production process using the sulfate procedure to make titanium dioxide pigment. Sulfuric acid is used to extract TiO2 from titanium ore (ilmenite). Crude pigment is then transformed into the final product with specific properties for each use. The transformation process involves treating the surface with various chemicals and combinations of crushing and micronizing. The plant’s quality system is ISO 9001 certified.

Paraíba mine

Tronox’s Guajú mine in the state of Paraíba extracts titanium ore (ilmenite) for the Tronox group of companies in Brazil.

The mine is located in the town of Mataraca, Paraíba, in Brazil’s Northeast region. It is about 1,100 km from our Bahia plant – which processes ore to make TiO2 pigment.

Its site occupies 1,050 hectares and consists of a floating plant complex, dredger and four fixed plants that produce ilmenite and zirconite used to make ceramics and refractory materials, rutile, used in welding electrodes and metal alloys, and kyanite, the raw material for refractory materials.

Its management systems are certified for ISO 9001: 2008 (Quality Practices), ISO 14001: 2004 (Environmental Practices), OHSAS 18001: 2007 (Occupational Health and Safety) and NBR 16001: 2012 (Social Responsibility practices).

Our Guajú mine has developed an environmental recovery program that has earned widespread recognition, including from Ibama (Brazil’s environmental agency) which has used it as model for restoring dunes. Tronox monitors environmental variables to recover local fauna and flora. Of the total number of native seedlings planted in mined areas, 80% were produced by the local community as part of a program through which the company trains local people, supplies inputs and purchases seedlings, thus generating income for the rural population.

São Paulo Commercial Office

Tronox’s commercial office in Brazil sells TiO2 supplied from our Bahia plant and several other Tronox plants worldwide. Serves customers from Brazil, Mexico, and customers from other countries in South America, the Caribbean and Central America.

In addition to our sales team, the office accommodates treasury, logistics, accounts receivable, marketing and technical assistance coordinators.

Technical Assistance: a key connection between customers and Company

We are constantly in close contact with customers to listen to them and anticipate their needs, supplying our Quality and Production business areas with data that helps enhance quality and add value to our products through differentiated offers of services. These are some of the responsibilities of Customer Service. This is a strategic business area because it provides a crucial link between customer and the company’s various sectors.

Tronox’s Technical Assistance laboratories are based in Stallingborough in England, Bunbury in Australia and Yanbu in Saudi Arabia. The sector also supports our competitive intelligence by collecting data to detect new market trends and represents the company in trade associations, fairs, congresses, workshops and other events.

Timeline in Brazil

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