Youth Training

As the gateway for recruiting labor for basic manufacturing (Operation and Maintenance areas), our technical- and university-level programs are for young people starting their careers and include both theoretical and practical training.

We hope to educate professionals to develop a multidisciplinary vision and flexibility to operate in any operational area of the factory.

All internship contracts are for 1 year, but may be extended to 2 years at most. Young people benefit through scholarships, transportation, meals, collective insurance and healthcare.

Manufacturing Technician Training Program 

The company maintains a Manufacturing Technician Training Program for the NT internship. The initiative has a duration of 12 months and includes leveling and training courses in operating techniques, with 1,600 hours of theoretical and practical training, as well as on-the-job experiences in the industrial routine of the operating facilities.

The objective is to contribute to professional training for young people and enable people with special potential to work in the company.

How to participate

Keep an eye out for enrollment dates for the Technical Training Program, which will be widely publicized in the Tronox’s partner schools and here on this website.

Applicants for university level internships are selected jointly with IEL-FIEB, CIEE and universities.

Details of places available will be forwarded to these partner institutions and posted here on this website.

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